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Personal Style Meets

Your style is an overall reflection of who you are. The dreaded feeling of having nothing to wear has nothing to do with how many clothes you have, and everything to do with how you feel wearing them.

I teach you how to get crystal clear on what you truly desire, and envision what your most successful life looks like. Then I teach how to bring that life into reality by leveraging the psychology of fashion paired with practical styling techniques so that you look like the most successful version of you. If you want to play the part you need to look the part. By embodying what this woman looks like on the outside, you will start to feel like her on the inside. That’s when the magic happens. Not only do you eliminate that “nothing to wear” feeling but you start to vibrate at a higher level so you become an energetic match for your desires and elevate your life to the next level.

Personal Development

When you take control of one part of your life, often the rest of your life improves right alongside it. It’s the old “raise the water in the harbor and all the ships rise” trick.

By focusing on developing your personal style, you will directly impact and develop your self-worth, your confidence, your body image, your ability to overcome limiting beliefs, your money mindset, your health and eating habits, and your willingness to step outside of your comfort zone!

How fun is it to learn and apply personal development concepts by using fashion and style as your transformative tool?!

This is transformative style.

Hi, Im Cortney

Fashion Stylist, Makeup artist, & Mother of 3. I embarked on my own transformative style journey to embody the most successful version of myself and elevate my life in early 2020, and my explosive results inspired me to share my journey, techniques, and methods with other ambitious women.